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I'm trying to find a higher quality photo that appeared on Page 3 of the
Sep/Oct, 1986 (Vol. 02, No. 05) of The Arrow.  Please see the attached
photo.  I searched the Archives, but came up empty.  It's a picture of an
ex-Wabash Baggage Car in N&W service.  The car was originally Wabash #375,
then assigned N&W #1392, was converted to Power Car #408 in 1971 and is now
Norfolk Southern #25.

Also, while the car might have been assigned N&W #1392 after the 1964
merger, I have found no evidence that the car was actually re-numbered and
re-lettered for N&W.  But if anyone has information that it was
re-lettered, or better yet has a photo, please let me know.


Bill King

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