Norton-StPaul restrictions

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Since nobody else has responded, I'll take a shot.  First off, my knowledge of this rule is based on my interest in the Alco C628's that were affected.  I hadn't realized the U25C's were included until I saw your email.  I'm inclined to believe the same reasoning applied to both, but the Alco's are the only ones I'm sure about.  These locos ran from Norton to St Paul under the 1973 trackage rights agreement until hey were banned by the N&W in 1978 due to the wear they caused on the tracks.  As long as your modeling the period from 1973 to 1978, you can realistically run these locomotives.

Carl Woods
Richmond, VA

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On Page 307 of the Wolfe, Wilson, Mandelkern book on the CV, Rule 159 precludes L&N 1500-1525 from operating between Norton and St Paul. 

On Page 382 a U30C is shown passing through Tacoma. The U25C has a raised portion on top of the radiator but not the width of the U30 radiators. Do you know whether the U25C had a clearance problem in the tunnels or were the rules just relaxed later?  I'd like to run my model of L&N 1523 to St Paul. 

Bob Bayles

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