Fireproofing Interlockings

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Thanks for asking this question, Glenn (and Larry for the response), along with the fireproofing backstory . 

I'd been wondering the reverse; when and why asbestos shingles were applied to Circleville's tower (other than being the fashion of the day). The 1942 fireproofing document in the archives didn't note *what* was done, so I could only presume the two were related.   

Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio

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  One thing that stands out wash the application of asbestos shingles over the siding  
Larry Evans
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Subject: Fireproofing Interlockings
In 1942 the N&W began the process of fireproofing its wooden interlockings (towers and other structures containing an interlocking machine) in the possibility of an enemy attack.  Just what was involved in this “fireproofing?”  Was there are fire-resistant paint to be applied?  What else?  I could not find a reference to the actual process involved.  Thanks!
Glenn Fisher
Cornwall PA 
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