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Thanks for keeping info like this on your website. It's informative to all
of us plus it is special to me. I married a Vicker girl nearly fifty years
ago and have seen a lot change there except the coaling tower, tracks and
Vicker was a thriving little community in it's time. It boasted a Post
Office, a 'power and light' company and at least 2 stores which included a
place to buy coal. NS still has the siding that one store used to load
small trucks, bags, and whatever, of coal. My wife's great uncle, Hiram
Hornbarger, operated the water softener there. Living just up the road to
the east, he walked to worked.
Why was Vicker where it is? I've always assumed that 'the mountain' took a
toll on the small coal bins of early locomotives so probably serviced more
west bounds than east bounds. Just my thinkin'.
One day I will have my color slides scanned and posted, or maybe a short
article, about this little community. A lot was there and it begs to be
modeled but so do many other N&W locations.
Charlie Long

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> ​Joe
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>> It was completed and placed into serives in 1951, according to the
>> annual reports. Construcion may have began in 1950.
> ​See for how things looked
> before the concrete tower was built.
> Bruce in Blacksburg
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