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  No doubt the photo was made before radios.  The man on
the hopper is relaying signals to the engineer.  Appears to be
another trainmen in the distance toward the end of the cut.

Most people simply see cars of coal, but on the N&W, there
were some 1200 classes of coal (not all were active),  When
a ship was to load,  the coal department would publish a ship's
order showing the different classes to be dumped (in tons) and
Lamberts Point crews would scrounge through 25,000 cars on
NOrfolk Terminal to dig out the classes called for.  These were
then brought to the Barney Yard and a class placed on each
track.  The crew appears to be ready to shove the cars up
the hill to the Barney Yard with the lead trainman signalling when
the designated track has been filled to capacity.   Harry Bundy
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