My new book at Train Lovers Day at the VMT

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Regrettably I won't be able to be there but it sounds as if it will be a
great event. I hope it goes well.


The book is on my list!




Phil Mortimer


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        I know many of you will be attending the Train Lovers Day at the
Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke on 11-February from 10:00am
until 5:00pm. I released my book, Chasing the Powhatan Arrow at the Museum
on a mild late-fall evening in November with the 611 locomotive as a massive
backdrop. Since then, I've been told that my book is the best seller they
carry in their gift shop. 
        Chasing the Powhatan Arrow is a travelogue in economic geography
from Norfolk to Cincinnati, following the route of that iconic N&W passenger
train. Unlike the hundreds of other books about trains, it is instead about
the people, places, history, geography, culture, and especially the economy
of the towns and cities through which it passed.
        I've been invited by the VMT to attend and have a book signing table
at the Train Lovers Day and I'd enjoy meeting you there. 
Info on Train Lovers Day is here:
Info on my new book is here:

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