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Good afternoon,
I am in the process of finishing up this oil painting and I need some
First of all, any criticism is welcome.
I'm setting this one in 1952 or '53. I need to add the power lines, of
course I need to add the ones going along the tracks, but were there any
going criss- cross over the yard, and was the power line going from the
station on this corner? I used a photo I took in 1994 and it does show the
lines going from this corner. Where did it connect to from there?
Also, were there double hung windows on this side? My photo only shows the
top half.
What did the foreground look like? Was it paved? I also have seen some old
photos that show a small wooden rail next to the station where the cars
would park. Would it still be there in 1953?
Am I leaving out any details that would be there?
Am so glad that the station is now finally restored. I need to get up to
Roanoke to see it.

Thank you all for your interest!

Tracy Foutz

Now living in Cairo (Kay-roe) Georgia.
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