When? NW GP9 503 hamburger herald

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Well, what actually happened, depending on the unit, if it was blue when painted, was the blue paint on the scotchlite decal faded and washed off, and the sun bleached out the yellow of the original decal. By the time it was back in black, it was no longer scotchlite materials, I believe.

Blue is what is known as a "fugitive" color, like a red or yellow they fade badly or change with UV exposure, environmental effect.  They all can fade to the point it is gone or very faint images left. Colors like black while aging, does not disappear entirely.

Before and after the scotchlite time, stencils were painted directly onto the body of the car or locomotive. Equipment and processes have come a long way since then, but environmental issues, like sun and rain, still was blue and red away outdoors in harsh conditions.

Ken Miller

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> It might not have been so bad if they had still given the black background to the inside of the circle...
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> That looks so wrong! ;)
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> Red GP9 503 with hamburger herald.  My photo, September 1966 Roanoke, The Pocahontas, train 4.  This photo was on the cover of the N&WHS calendar many years ago.
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