2017 is 60th Anniversary of O. Winston Link photos

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Sun Apr 2 08:10:04 EDT 2017

The Rural Retreat Depot Foundation would like to host a photo shoot /
re-enactment to celebrate the 60th anniversary of O Winston Link's famous
1957 photos of the Birmingham Special and/or the Pelican at Rural Retreat.
The Depot is ready, looking very much like it did in '57.  Can we get the
611 to extend one of the Walton excursions to include a stop at Rural
Retreat for photos? It has been said that the Rural Retreat photos were
some of Link's favorites, What a great way to celebrate and announce the
completion of the Depot restoration, and to kick off its new life as a
meeting and learning center, and museum. We believe this could be a
significant opportunity to not only capture and celebrate history but also
to bring a lot of awareness, interest and good publicity to the 611, the
Depot and the significant importance of railroad history.

Please contact us if you can guide us in the right direction towards having
the 611 appear. Thanks!

Frank Akers, for the
Rural Retreat Depot Foundation

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