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Jim -

You are correct.  That is the west end of the Villamont middle track a seen from the Stepping Stone Road bridge.

Jeff Hawkins

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  I believe the attached photo may show the West end of the middle siding at Villamont (confirmation would be appreciated).  My question concerns the East-bound signals that are visible.  The signal for the East-bound main is capable of displaying the RESTRICTING aspect while the one for the West-bound main is not.  In my understanding, one reason for the RESTRICTING aspect was to allow a train to proceed without coming to a complete stop on  a grade where it might have been very hard to start again.  Since this stretch is signalled for bi-directional running, why would the signal for the West bound main not also be capable of showing RESTRICTING?  It seems like the grade would have been the same for East-bound movements regardless of which main they were using.  Any thoughts?
  Thanks, Jim Cochran 



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