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A further question:  Given that the diamond is apparently east of the station, where did The Cannonball and other Richmond bound trains move from the N&W to the ACL?

   Ray Smoot

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Thanks Herman, Jeff, and Harry.

I suspected this was Petersburg but wanted to confirm. I take it Broad Street Station was reached by the ACL trackage shown going to the left, correct? Was there a point in time when the diamond was removed but the ACL and N&W still made connection here?

John Garner


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Appears to be the crossing of ACL's OLD MAIN LINE at
Petersburg.  The Cannonballs (with N&W crews) used the
Old Main Line Petersburg to North Dunlop, ACL's double
track route to the James River, and RF&P to Richmond's
Broad Street Station.  Before abandonment, the Old Main
Line climbed a hill, ran down the center of Washington St.
for several blocks and reconnected with the present align-
ment just north of the I-85 overhead bridge.  Harry Bundy

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