Old Line of the Peavine

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Tue Aug 15 03:13:15 EDT 2017

In 2008 a couple of friends and myself walked the "old Line" of the Cincinnati District from Jaybird to the south end of the Plum Run quarry.
I shot 5 rolls of film in the process. There were lots of artifacts still in place along this route, which passed through Beaver Pond.
All these years later, an artifact, not N&W related directly has brought me back to research this area a little more in depth.
In 1947 this line was re-routed to its present day alignment. Going through the archives, I have found some prints that specify the line was abandoned in 1950. 
My understanding was this was much earlier than 1950. 
Can any one clarify this date for me? 
I am going to purchase all I can from the archives on the section of the old line for my own records.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  
Thank you for your time
Jeff Wood

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