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I have 2 Bearcat 125AT's that I purchased from Railcom (I also had them
load Bank 5 with all the North American railroad assigned frequencies).  I
have one scanner on my house ( tied into a system with speakers on each
porch, one in my library, and one in the basement where the model railroad
will be built) and the other one is in my truck.  I also purchased (from
Railcom) mag-mount antennas that are tuned for the range railroad
frequencies.  These antennas make a huge difference.   Depending on the
direction (hills and such), atmospheric conditions, and quality of NS and
CSX transmissions I receive transmissions at times over 20 miles from my
location.   The short antennas that come on the scanners are also railroad

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Ed Painter

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> Looking for suggestions as to a better scanner. I am in process of
> returning to Amazon a Uniden Bearcat 125 as it does not have the range that
> my existing Bearcat 75 does. (It has a ton of additional "features" which
> are of no use in just straight railroad scanning.)
> Mike Pierry, Jr.
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