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Most of the North Carolina was also 4 Axle restricted. BUT.... From a 
timetable I used to have from the early 80's showed that 6 Axle units where 
allowed to Austinville where the huge lead and zinc mine was.  But From 
Austinville to Galax and Fries was restricted to 4 axle units. I never saw a 
six axle unit on the line anywhere, when I aged enough to know the 
difference around the very early 1980's. In the very twilight of the branch.

I have seen photos of Y5 class locomotives in Galax, so I would be deferred 
maintenance was the main issue, since the Gossan Iron Mines near Galax 
closed in the early 60's.

Andy J
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> Hello everyone, I live next to a Southern branch, that due to weight 
> restrictions, was restricted to only 4 axle locomotives for many years.  I 
> was wondering, did the N&W have any lines or branches that could only 
> accommodate 4 axle motors due to weight or curvature restrictions?
> -Evan Miller
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