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I was in  the roundhouse in November 1959 and 611, 475 and I believe it was Class A 1214 were there.  Have slides here someplace.

Dave Stephenson

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 I was in the Shaffers Crossing Roundhouse in the spring of 1960 and the 475 along with a Class A, whose number I have forgotten, were stored in the portion of the roundhouse that was later torn down.  The 475 still had the balloon stack, brass boiler bands, etc. at that time.  Somewhere I have a picture of the 475 that I made in the roundhouse.  There was also a S1 or S1a with the number painted out stored outside.  
I believe that the 475 was also used in the City of Roanoke 75th Anniversary celebration around 1957.
W.E. Honeycutt 

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I have seen lots of photos of the 475 in her backdated dress leading a special triple-header trip, and heard she was possibly sent on other special events.  I was not aware that she went to retirement and the salvage yard still dressed that way until seeing the recently posted photo.   Which leads me to my question; after the special occasion in '56 was over (and in between any other special occasions where she may have appeared), did she continue to operate in general revenue service looking like this?  (I am working away from home and don't have access to my reference materials to look up her official retirement date).

Dr. J. Brent Greer
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I believe the 475 was back dated for the 1957 75th anniversary of the founding of Roanoke (1882).

John Garner,  Newport, VA.

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Isn't thst an M 4-8-0 dressed up for the Huckleberry excursion?
Jimmy Lisle

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The NWHS archives has a unlabelled 3x5 "snapshot" of what appears to be a 2-8-0 with a N&W labelled tender. I'm guessing its a W class perhaps but the stack and headlight bracket don't match any I could find (Jeffries Giant of Steam).

Anybody have any ideas on this image?

The photos in this collection appear to be late 50s early 60s. No dates are locations are given. Only "J.B. Perske".

- Roger LInk

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