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Supplementing Mr. Bundy’s information-

Prior to the lease of Wabash to N&W, the Wabash locomotive ownership in 1964 included 21 F-7A’s and 1 GP-7 built by General Motors Limited.  By 1969 the locomotives assigned to Ft. Erie had been reduced to 11 F7-A’s and the lone GP-7.  This assignment continued into the 1970’s and as major work was required on the individual units, the Canadian units were retired.

W.E. Honeycutt

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The bridge crossing the former VGN at Merrimac probably
limited the Blacksburg Branch to 4-axle power.

Then there was the St. Thomas Division, which had only
two N&W employees (auditors). CN furnished the crews and
track; N&W supplied the locomotives.  There were 20 F7-A
units built by GM of Canada in London, ONT for the Wabash.
To avoid paying import taxes, this 4-axle power was restricted
to use in Canada ONLY  (they were allowed to travel between
Fort Erie, ONT to Bison Yard (Buffalo) without penalty.  Don't
know what Cooper ratings were on CN's bridges, so quite
possibly, only 4-axle power could be used.  As the Canadian
engines were retired or sold, they were replaced with American-
made Geeps.  CN's Chatham Sub-division Glencoe-Windsor
was double-tracked with 90# jointed rail, no signals, and the
CN passenger trains were allowed to operate at a maximum
speed of 80 MPH.                                  Harry Bundy 

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