N&W "Loaner" pocket watches

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I'm surprised that the 'Loaner' didn't have an inspection date in it. I
know most if not all, rr warches I've seen had at least one inspection date
but I don't know if that was required.
Charlie Long

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> A Norfolk & Western "Loaner" Pocket Watch recently sold on eBay.  The
> seller states that Norfolk & Western had their own "watch maker" who
> travelled in a special railcar servicing and repairing employees' watches.
> When a railroad worker left a watch to be serviced they were given a
> "Loaner" pocket watch to use until the servicing of their watch was
> complete.  The Hamilton 992-B 21 jewel watch back is engraved "PROPERTY /
> N&W / RY / ROANOKE, VA.  Does anyone have more information about the era
> and frequency when this watch-maker traveled across the system?
> Best wishes,
> Frank Scheer
> f_scheer at yahoo.com
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