Upper End of the Potts Valley Branch - Anything Left ?

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On Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 11:27 PM, abram wrote:

> I am planning to drive the "Potts Valley Branch" (the Big Stony Railroad)
> from Narrows northward.
> The upper end, above Waiteville, was comprised of two smaller roads. Does
> anyone know if any of this "upper end," from Waiteville to Interior, West
> Virginia, can still be seen... and are any remnants worth looking for ?
>  (Some of this territory was narrow gauge, and some was inclined plane.)
​The station at Paint Bank is still there and is a bed and breakfast. I
belive the two-story station at Waiteville is still there, at one time it
was a convenience store. There are still traces of Ray's Siding above
Waiteville, but not much of the line that went over the mountain and into
John's Creek (unless one does some bushwacking). There were still some
foundation stones for the water tank at Laurel right next to the road, but
that was a number of years ago when they were discovered. When are you
planning this trip?

Bruce in Blacksburg
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