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Ken Miller mentioned in the Rock Castle Branch thread that he had some data
about the ore that was mined from the Rock Castle workings. He wasn't sure
where the ore might have gone, though. This is a report I found in the
Johnson correspondence files about the status of iron furnaces served by
the N&W in 1904. As Ken said, the iron age in Virginia was at its end. The
small workings and small furnaces lost out due to the discovery of better
grades of iron ore in Minnesota.

Note that there were two furnaces in Roanoke that could have received the
ore from Castle Rock when they were operating: Crozier and the West End

Bruce in Blacksburg


Subject: Iron furnaces in blast .July 1904-1903 .


Roanoke Va - August. 18th 1904.

Mr. L. E. Johnson,
President, Roanoke.

Dear Sir: --

I beg to advise you that the following statement shows
furnaces in blast and furnaces out of blast, as of date August 16th.
The same situation prevailed practically during the whole month of July.
The furnaces shown in blast are those to which we furnish coke.

Allegheny O & I Co., Buena Vista.
Dora Furnace, Pulaski.
Belfont Iron Works, Ironton.
Union I & S Co., "
Kelley Nail & Iron Co. "
Ashland I & M Co.,
Wellston I & S Co.,
Cranberry Furnace Co., Carnegie
New Straitsville Furnace

Crozer Furnace, Roanoke-both stks
Pulaski Iron Company
Columbus I & S Co.,
Allegheny O & I Co., Shenandoah
West End Fce Co., Roanoke
V I C & C Co., Radford
V I C & C Co., Max Meadows
New River Mineral Co., Ivanhoe.
Graham Iron Co.
Marting I & S Co., Ironton
Lawrence Fce Co.
Hanging Rock Iron Co.
Ashland Steel Co.
Shawnee Furnace
Star Furnace Co. Jackson Ohio
Globe Iron Works
Carnegie Steel Co., Columbus.

Yours truly,
<s>N. D. Maher
General Manager.

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