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Dr.. Greer:
Not Bluefield, but Sandusky was primarily handling Lake coal.  There was a
plant there that manufactured Ford parts.  Rather than take the car to Bellevue,
the parts cars were handled in hopper trains to Portsmouth, then transferred
to No. 86.

About Bluefield -- it wasn't unusual to see No. 4 handling a hy-cube car at the
end of the train.  This could be identified as a Ford "shut-down" car.  Ford
scheduled cars to arrive at the Norfolk assembly plant "just-in-time".  It wasn't
unusual for parts spotted early in the morning to be on the assembly line the
same afternoon.  So if a car was bad-ordered en route, for example, it would be
forwarded from Portsmouth on No. 4 in an attempt to keep the plant running.  
If that failed, Ford would fly the parts to Norfolk.
                                                                                 Harry Bundy
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