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Sun Nov 26 18:33:19 EST 2017

I am compiling a bridge list for the Cincinnati District.
Trying to gather as much info on each bridge as possible.
My question is, when was the Shimer Run trestle collapse? @ dates come up, 1906, 1906.
Also one article states the the area was filled and the trestle never rebuilt.
In the NWHS archives, there is are 3 articles on the trestle.
Bridge No 2035, 1st Trestle East of Peterson's Bridge, West End is 2155' East of MP 69, over Shimer Creek.
Bridge No 2032 Big Shimer trestle, MP 71.
Temporary change of line filling Big Shimer Trestle near Peebles, OH, date on this is 1917. Was this bridge rebuilt then filled in around 1917?
Thank you for your time and assistance. 
PS, one article I read states that the trestle,cars, and locomotive were all buried when the area was filled in.

Jeff Wood

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