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I checked two reproduction Official Guides, one for June 1868 and one 
for June 1893.  These bracket the AM&O days.  The 1868 Guide station 
index listed only one Alleghany and that was in PA.

The 1893 Guide station index listed two Alleghany's (the usual southern 
spelling), one in TN and one on the C&O in VA.  In addition there were 
two stations with Allegheny (the usual northern spelling) in the name  
and one station with Alleghany in the name, all three in PA.

I would guess that the stereo view is miss marked and that the station 
shown is the one on the C&O.  Maybe the C&OHS people would have a 
picture that could confirm or disprove this as a C&O station.

Gordon Hamilton

On 2/17/2018 8:33 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> I can't find anything in the online archives about this, and will do 
> more research at my next opportunity to visit Salem Avenue, but can 
> anyone tell me in the meantime about the Alleghany (sic) Station on 
> the AM&O? I'm wondering where exactly the Alleghany Station was 
> situated?I am attaching two auction photos which show the station in 
> an 1870s stereoview by E.& H.T. Anthony Company. This New York 
> stereoview manufacturer sent photographers throughout western Virginia 
> and produced several photo sets including scenes along the AM&O, Blue 
> Ridge Springs, and so on. I'm attaching two images of the stereoview 
> for everyone to see what I'm talking about.
> Stephen Warren
> Roanoke
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