C13 caboose

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This car was a re-build from WWI era 10,000 series box cars when NKP 
could get no more cabs from the C&O or any other RR. The cars were 
deemed to have insufficient cubic capacity for freight, so some were put 
into a program to make more caboose cars. Their redeeming feature was 
steel underframes and Murphy all-steel ends - a key safety component 
from NKP's viewpoint. With WWII raging, steel was in short supply, so 
modifying the wooden sided boxcars with wooden components was an easy 
answer. For the side steps, many got steps from worn out locomotives and 
tenders being sent to scrap yards.

     I was always surprised that some of these lived long enough to get 
an N&W paint job.


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> They were ex-NKP cabooses rebuilt from boxcars during the Depression and World War II. They retained their original boxcar ends.
> Marty Flick
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>> I ran across the C13--a caboose with dreadnaught ends.  What can anybody tell me about them and their evolution?Michael Shockley
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