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Wed May 23 14:18:10 EDT 2018

The Sunday, May 20, 2018, issue of the Roanoke Times newspaper carried 
the obituary of Charlean Fisher, 83.  Although few may recognize her or 
remember her late husband, Thomas Fisher, each played a role in the NWHS 
archives collection.  Her husband had worked in the N&W Engineering 
Department, and he contributed a number of photographs of signal 
construction on the Norfolk Division.  His wife contributed the 
Bluefield, WV, passenger station arrival and departure board that hangs 
in the archives today.  She once told us that she enjoyed the time that 
she and her husband spent in Bluefield earlier in his career, so she 
related that when passenger service was discontinued through Bluefield 
she called Bob Claytor, then Exec. VP N&W I believe, and apparently had 
enough "pull" that the requested board was delivered to her house in 
Roanoke by N&W personnel.  Later she donated it to the archives.

As an aside, Thomas Fisher was the brother to the late Hugh Fisher, who 
married my cousin Catherine Blair Fisher.

Gordon Hamilton

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