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Wed May 23 15:51:03 EDT 2018

Some of the events at last week's fine NWHS convention at 
Spencer/Salisbury, NC, were held in the former Southern Railway Back 
Shop, an impressively long structure.  As we looked down the inside 
length of the shop, Paul Weber and I speculated whether this Back Shop 
might be longer than the N&W's Roanoke Shops Erecting Shop.  It 
certainly gave that impression to me, although it has been many years 
since I have been in the N&W Erecting Shop, so I checked the length of 
each shop using Google Earth with the following results:  Spencer Shop 
Back Shop: c.  597 feet; Roanoke Shops Erecting Shop:  c. 675 feet (not 
including the shed at the west end).  I think two factors made the 
Spencer Back Shop seem longer (1) it appeared to me to be narrower (2) 
it was not full of locomotives to break up the length illusion.

Gordon Hamilton

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