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> It’s interesting these Southern style signals have remained...
     Has anyone given any thought that the so-called "Vader" hood is 
just that? A hood to shade the lights so that the sun will not shine on 
the lens and cause the signal to seem to show an indication that it is 
not intended to show. Don't laugh people. I have seen this (and reported 
it to the Roanoke Disp.) happen to the eastbound signals at 24th St. at 
Shaffer's Crossing! Even though the signals were showing "Stop", at 
certain angles, the sun's rays would appear to light up the middle 
yellow lens in a way that it could be interpreted to indicate an 
"Approach" aspect!
     Any of the signals shown in the previous links can be converted by 
simply mounting a "Sun Shade"!

Jimmy Lisle

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