N&W Electrification Photo

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Alex is correct in his explanation. I used this postcard in the Electric Book.


Mason Cooper


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The line to the right appears to be the Bluestone Low-Grade Line going into Cooper Tunnel and the line to the left is the original main line and siding going to Coopers, with the main line going to Ruth and the Elkhorn Tunnel and the siding continuing into the Bluestone Branch. The Bluestone Low-Grade Line was used as the westbound main and the original main line was used as the eastbound main until 1923 when the Low-grade line was double tracked to Ruth. That would place the photo just past Bluestone Junction.


Alex Schust 


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This attached photo of the N&W electrification posted on Ebay raises 
several questions such as (1) location? (2) why is there a whistle post 
on the diverging line? (3) does the diverging line lead to a tunnel in 
the distance? (4) what is the purpose of the guard rail adjacent to the 
near running rail in the foreground of the diverging line?  There 
appears to be some mechanism on the opposite rail where one would expect 
a derail to be located, but why have a guard rail opposite a derail?

Gordon Hamilton 




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