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Thanks to Alex and others who replied.  Now that Alex so clearly 
explained the situation, I realized that I once knew about the separated 
eastbound and westbound main tracks at this location, but did not recall 
that when I saw this photo.

Gordon Hamilton

On 6/25/2018 7:23 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> The line to the right appears to be the Bluestone Low-Grade Line going 
> into Cooper Tunnel and the line to the left is the original main line 
> and siding going to Coopers, with the main line going to Ruth and the 
> Elkhorn Tunnel and the siding continuing into the Bluestone Branch.The 
> Bluestone Low-Grade Line was used as the westbound main and the 
> original main line was used as the eastbound main until 1923 when the 
> Low-grade line was double tracked to Ruth. That would place the photo 
> just past Bluestone Junction.
> Alex Schust
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> This attached photo of the N&W electrification posted on Ebay raises
> several questions such as (1) location? (2) why is there a whistle post
> on the diverging line? (3) does the diverging line lead to a tunnel in
> the distance? (4) what is the purpose of the guard rail adjacent to the
> near running rail in the foreground of the diverging line?  There
> appears to be some mechanism on the opposite rail where one would expect
> a derail to be located, but why have a guard rail opposite a derail?
> Gordon Hamilton
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