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It's time for a subtle reminder about Virginian Crazies weekend this year.
We are set up at the lodge in Twin Falls for September 28-30.  About half
of us will arrive on Thursday the 27th.  The usual schedule is
Brainstorming (and planning for the next day's railfanning)over dinner
Thursday evening; railfanning Friday during the day.  Friday evening is a
15 minute business meeting after dinner, followed by seminars/clinics/more
brainstorming on into the night.  Saturday is railfanning, with more
seminars, etc. Saturday evening.

Our advance team is investigating if there are organized activities that
weekend that we might want to participate in; last year was unusual in that
we were invited to a presentation of a great model of the Page enginehouse
(by our own Tom "Saltwater" Salmon)to the museum, and Wyoming County days
in Mullens.

Because we had a number of people who had expressed an interest in the Glen
Rogers Branch who couldn't make it last year, we might do it again this
year.  Otherwise we're open.  One year a bunch went to Cass, and one year a
bunch went to Thurmond.  And, reminder, since it's all POV, people can go
pretty much where they want to.

Another reminder: the cost is $-0-.  But do call the Twin Falls Lodge
directly to get "our" rate for that weekend.

If you're interested in the Virginian, history and/or modeling, you'll
almost certainly enjoy the weekend.

Frank Bongiovanni
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