Why I am an NWHS member

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Wed Sep 5 21:11:46 EDT 2018

As we age both the world and ourselves change.  This is written in the stars.
New blood, new ideas, new problems, new answers.
This is ordained.

Since Bristol in 19 something to today I have enjoyed my membership.
While living in Virginia Beach I traveled to the Archives every month to pitch in - starting in that cramped 
room next to Bob B's hobby shop.
Twelve years removed and a Florida resident I still get back from time to time to wallow in the dust and the history.
I miss the camaraderie of the gang even though I am a Virginian man.  (But I must confess my number 2 road is the N&W and I suspect a majority of those guys number 2 road is the Virginian.)  We greet each other as brothers.

I have enjoyed the conventions where I have sat at the knee of Ed King while he explained the myriad nuances of steam locomotion.
And sitting with Jim Nichols and others at nearly 2 AM in the lobby of the Hotel Roanoke and telling some ribald stories - not necessarily of railroading.
(Sorry Preacher for ratting you out.)

I support the Society with an enhanced membership because I enjoy keeping the flame alive even if 
the Arrow is not always to my satisfaction. 

I too miss Jim G, and Greever and Tom D. and all the other pioneers.  I have tremendous respect for Ron Davis, Jim Brewer, Freshwater Salmon, Ken Miller and everyone else in the Roanoke area who contribute so much.  I have not yet met all the new officers but there is always next year in Roanoke.

So do not despair, become active and keep the flame alive

Tom "Saltwater" Salmon
Fort Pierce, Florida

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