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Gentlemen, gentlemen, and maybe I use that term a little loosely here, we
seem to be getting a b it away from the "rules" for nicknames - has to be
using either directly or phonetically the initials of the railroad. To try
to come up with the names used for specific routes and so forth, like the
Creeper, would thoroughly clutter the list endlessly.

The could also go for various classes of locomotives. Some far more
colorful than others; others well known of course.

As it is, a number of you have come up with a few I did not previously have
and for those I thank you. I was not going to use the CSX one which Jimmy
and a few others have repeated here but you left out the last word from
CSXT "Terrorize."

While it may not strictly N&W/VGN, these are colorful and all part of the
rich railroad past we all dearly love and enjoy various and varying parts
of. So thank you one and all and let's enjoy our hobby, now from our

Bob Cohen
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