N&W E2a 578 double header in New York Times?

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From N&W Magazine, June 1957

This was an excursion trip, May 4, 1957 sponsored by the Southern Region of the NRHS, it was not necessarily marketed as a “Farewell to Steam”. The group came out of Washington DC onFriday, May 3 in a special coaches on The Birmingham Special, Pullman passengers came out of DC that night on the Pelican.

They left Roanoke early Saturday morning via the Cavalier and met up with 30 or so more folks from the west at Bluefield. The additional cars were added to No. 5 for the trip on the Clinch Valley and returned as No. 6 that evening. The cars were switched over to the Cavalier and back to Roanoke. Then after some rail fanning on Sunday morning, the cars were put on the Tennessean for return to DC.

Ken Miller

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> The last run of 5 and 6 might have very well taken place on April 4, 1959, but the run had been dieselized for some months before.  By the Spring of 1959, most if not all of the water stations on the Clinch had been eliminated, and neither of these engines has an auxiliary tank, meaning that they had to get water somewhere even with the 18,000 gallon tenders.  I still vote for the NRHS 1957 Convention.
> EdKing

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