N&W E2a 578 double header in New York Times?

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I cannot give and exact date as all of my farthers time books were throw away during a bitter divorce. My brother Allen Evans may be able to fill in those blanks. But I do believe that it was part of the Nrhs convention 57. There is quite a bit of footage of that trip in Pocahontas 8From the date my Dad hired out til his retirement I had 52years of time books. No my family was not kin to Clyde but my father knew him. Our family took the name Taylor after the civil war because my great grandfather and his brothers would not surrender to the union nor sign a oath of loyalty. Hence they took thier mothers maiden name after her brutal murder by the hands of the army of northern aggression.Dean Taylor Sent from my U.S. Cellular® Smartphone
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Dean - 
I don’t mind being mistaken – most folks are, from time to time.  But 
I’d appreciate it if you could tell the date of that “farewell to steam” 
BTW – are you related to the late Clyde Taylor, who was Roundhouse Foreman 
at Bristol in 1956?  He was a Bluefield native.


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Unfortunately you are mistaken. The double head trip was during the 
farewell to steam. The last run was completed with a Gp-9 such as the last 
creeper pass service. My father James R Taylor was fireman on the double head 
trip and engineer on the last steam and diesel CV passenger trains.
Dean Taylor 

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This is the last run of train #5&6 over the Clinch Valley District which 
took place on April 4, 1959.

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Interesting article and video about New York photograph 
collection and working with google to digitize.




If you watch the video, there is a image of N&W E2a 578 
on a bridge with a double header (at 1:02). I wasn't able to find any 578 double 
header images in the NWHS online collection.




Anybody recognize this location or excursion? Was the image 
ever used by the New York Times?


- Roger Link


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