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A surprising amount of information has been gleened about Sharp over the
years. As I recall, in addition to his CSA and later B&O exploits (as
superintendent after the CW), his father was an early super of the Virginia
& Tennessee, hence where he was groomed for his Martinsburg exploits, and a
noted CW historian has done a pretty neat book on Sharp. David Bright USN
Lt. Cdr. retired I think is his name and title. The softcover book is
available for a modest price. The Sharp family was also involved with the
car-building concern Jackson & Sharp out of Wilmington, Delaware, but
likely NOT this particular Sharp.

Only one confirmed photo has ever surfaced of Sharp and a gentleman from
Culpeper has done programs on Sharp and some of his work, also dressing up
as Sharp, complete with natural beard.

Bob Cohen


This is the fellow who coordinated the ?great raid? on the Baltimore &
Ohio, with Stonewall Jackson providing the military cover, and transporting
the equipment down the Shenandoah Valley.

Mason Cooper

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SHARP, THOMAS ROBINSON, Receiver River Division Ohio Central RR, President
Danville Mocksville & Southwestern and Cincinnati Wheeling & New York RR
Cos in 1885.  Address: New York City.  Born Feb. 22, 1834, Mt. Carbon,
Schuylkill Co., Penn.   Entered railroad service April 1853; to May 1854,
assistant to general superintendent Virginia & Tennessee RR;  May 1854 to
November 1854, assistant superintendent East Tennessee & Virginia RR;
April 1855 to January 16, 1856, assistant to general superintendent
Petersburg RR;  April 1857 to June 30, 1859, assistant superintendent
Alabama & Florida RR;  October 8, 1859 to June 18, 1861, superintendent
Richmond & York River RR;  June 18, 1861 to April 29, 1865, military RR
superintendent Confederate States army; July 4, 1871 to July 24, 1872,
superintendent Savannah & Memphis RR : July 24 to September 1 , 1872,
superintendent New Jersey Southern RR;  September 1, 1872 to April 9, 1873,
assistant master transportation, and April 9, 1873 to October
  10, 1877, master transportation Baltimore & Ohio RR;  October 28, 1877 to
December 31, 1880, receiver Long Island RR; November 29, 1880 to date,
president Danville, Mocksville & Southwestern RR Co; January 1, 1883 to
date, president Cincinnati, Wheeling & New York RR Co; November 20, 1883 to
date, receiver River Division Ohio Central RR.

NOTE:  Another conundrum.  At age 19, this kid, born in the Anthracite
fields of  Pennsylvania becomes Assistant to the General Superintendent of
the Virginia & Tennessee RR ?

NOTE:  Find-a-Grave indicates that Sharp died in Draper, NC 7-28-1909.   A
photo of his tombstone shows  ?Colonel and Quartermaster General Staff
Confederate States of America.?

-- abram burnett
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