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After this year's weekend, I sought suggestions, comments, etc. regarding
dates, and, to be Frank, anything else.  We listened to everything everyone

We listened to dates that were difficult, and dates that were impossible,
and coordinated with the Lodge.  We are penciled in for Friday, October
11th through the 13th next year.  Usual schedule: a bunch of us will
probably arrive Thursday October 10th.  Thursday evening we'll decide where
to go Friday.  Friday evening we'll have presentations and plan for
Saturday.  As usual, transportation will be POV.  The lodge should have us
and our rates on their calendar.  Please call the lodge directly, not the
WV Parks toll-free number.

We did read and consider a suggestion that we meet in Princeton or Roanoke
instead of Twin Falls, and we read and considered the responses some of the
planners had to that suggestion.  After consultation , unless a major
objection or major problem comes in, we're going to table that suggestion
until we meet in 2019, and we will consider it at that time.  The following
factors led us to "kick a decision down the road": we already have some
tentative plans and options for next year, including going to Polk
(?)tunnel, and going to Matheny to visit Tom's grave (which we deferred
this year because we were informed that it wasn't marked yet).  Another
factor for some of us is that the NWHS convention will be in Roanoke in

All with an interest in the Virginian, Modeling the Virginian, West
Virginian railfanning and modeling, are welcome.  Please join us.
Reminder: there is no fee for registration.

Frank Bongiovanni
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