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Capt. Osborne
R.P.C. Sanderson writes about a Captain Osborne . . .

"The Norfolk & Western working with the Old Dominion Steamship Line, with the East Tennessee, the Memphis & Charleston and other local lines of that day did quite a large and good paying through express freight business, which all hands had orders to give preference to. There were a great many claims for shortages from final destinations, which never could  be fastened on any one road as all the seal records always showed the seals as being perfect at all interchange points of junction. A meeting of all the representative responsible officers was called to remedy what could be found wrong at which Captain Osborne of our line at Norfolk produced a complete tracer from our line at Norfolk clear through to Memphis for 25 post holes that had been sent out by him from Norfolk, as received from the Old Dominion Line in good order, consigned to a destination at Memphis and had on it the signatures of all the yardmasters and train conductors, certifying that the car, in which they were supposed to be, had been examined found in perfect order at each yard and terminal. Not one of them had noticed the hoax until the captain almost rubbed their noses in it."

That is the only mention he makes of Captain Osborne.

Peter R. R. Getz

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