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On Thu, Nov 22, 2018 at 9:19 AM Mason wrote:

> Great work on Sidney Tyler and the sorted mess of the finances of the
> SVRR. When I wrote the Shenandoah Valley Book my source  was the book of
> minutes of the BOD, which at that time was at Virginia Tech. There was also
> a scrap book  there, in which they kept of every newspaper clipping in
> which the Shenandoah Valley was mentioned. It makes very interesting
> reading. With the movement of the material from Virginia Tech, I do not
> know where it is now, but I know you would enjoy looking at it.

All (most) of that material is now at the archives "annex" in GOB East.
There are two or three aisles of shelves with ranks of leather-bound books
that cover the various early railroads -- minute books of boards, letter
books, lists of stockholders, etc. et al. There are also additional aisles
with ranks of Hollister boxes that hold smaller items (small minute books,
etc.) from a variety of railroads and affiliated businesses from the early
days through the turn of the last century. There is a wealth of information
in the materials at GOB East (with the monthly work session on Friday) that
is just waiting to be discovered and digested.

Bruce in Blacksburg
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