6 wheel trucks

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Around 1961 or so N&W designed a massive 150-ton hopper car (class H13?) to 
use short-wheelbase Buckeye 6-wheel trucks like those used on Y-6 tenders. 
They started construction and ordered the trucks from the Buckeye people and 
were advised that the short-wheelbase item was no longer available.  In 
order that the project not be scrapped on the spot, they had to go to United 
Iron and Metal at Roanoke which was scrapping Y-6bs at the time and buy a 
pair of tender trucks, which reportedly cost $25,000.

I saw the car a couple of times; it really stood out in a coal train.

Gordon, can you correct any mistakes I have made?

Ed King

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Recent discussions with a friend on the VGN battleship gondola brought to 
memory of a 6 wheel hopper I thought was VGN, but could also be N&W.
There were either photos or drawings in the ARROW, which I have gone through 
and found the VGN car, but not the style I am remembering.
A friend of mine had his father cut the shape out of wood some years ago. I 
got 6 wheel trucks for them, but never finished them.
Does anyone know or remember these cars, and where the drawing/photo was?
I know with all the talk of the manufacturers closing down, and really 
putting the squeeze on available models, has anyone considered 3D printing?
I have quite a few hoppers, excavators, front end loaders ect that were 3D 
printed. I know they are not perfect and need extra attention, but after 
putting micro-train trucks under them, they look quite nice and work fine. 
3D printing could offer unlimited items to manufacture, that otherwise would 
never be made except for scratch building.

PS in the March/April 2006 issue of the ARROW, mine came with 2 front 
covers, so if your issue is missing its front cover, I have it.

Jeff Wood
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