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I don't believe the Southern version lifted the box lid.  In that era, when 
inbound trains were inspected, box lids were lifted in the receiving yard 
and journals inspected for waste grabs, etc. and came over the hump with 
lids up.  There was an inspector in a pit who looked at the underneath of 
the cars and if a very rare (at that time) roller or sleeve bearing car came 
up he'd act to keep the squirter from doing that car.

Ed King
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> Was the mechanical oiler installed at the hump when you were there? It 
> didn't last long after I arrived as, obviously, friction bearings were 
> almost non-existent by then. It was a marvelous contraption to watch. It 
> moved, under control of the Oiler (man) along side of the car being 
> humped. It lifted the journal box lid and proceeded to squirt oil into the 
> box. It seemed prone to frequent break-downs.

     I remember that thing. Sitting there at the "Coat Rack" waiting to
yard the train, I basically watched it be born and die. Seems like it
was broke down more than it worked.

Jimmy Lisle

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