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Things like artifacts of any kind are worth what someone will pay you.

Builder’s plates are one of the toughest areas to price, condition, if they have been damaged, which locomotive they are off of, what railroad all factor in on what something is worth. So many plates are fake out in the market now, being able to prove a plates authenticity can also factor in. Some plates are so well faked, it is tough to see in photos exactly what is, and is not real. 

Some folks may pay more for certain locomotives simply because they have some other artifact off of that particular one. Certain locomotives also tend to be, for lack of a better term, a celebrity, and may command a higher price.

I bought a legit VGN MB plate many years back for $150, I know it is worth more than that today.

Since our sales list is in formation, and rules are still being determined, we only allow the discussion on these, they are not being offered for sale to the list.

In the last few years, some examples of N&W fake plates were sold on ebay at, what I consider to be ridiculous prices, even though they were obvious fakes. I consider generic Baldwin plates, like these, only special due to their original railroad, go unsold due to high starting prices, others sell for an insane amount.

Ken Miller

> On Mar 18, 2019, at 6:28 PM, NW Mailing List <nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org> wrote:
> I need some help with what the value of Virginian builders plates are worth.
> One is a MC 2-8-2 and the other is a MB 2-8-2 both are in good condition.
> Thanks,
> Stephen Rineair
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