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I found these CDs on ebay and listened to the first one today; second one
will be listened to in coming days.  CDs arrived quickly and are as stated
by seller.  Click on other items he's selling for non-N&W recordings.


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Comments on 1st CD:  Not OWL link quality (nothing I've found really is) but
does provide some interesting snippets of Blue Ridge activity, PRR diesels
mixed with N&W, 611's last run in 1959 to Williamson (separate LP merged
into CD) and an ex-C&O 0-8-0 in Roanoke compared to an N&W-built 0-8-0 in a
different track.  Never heard a recording of a C&O engine and the bell is
definitely "different".  The CD is a combination of 3 records from Kenneth
Gear collection.  Some tracks sound like recorded from an LP (scratches and
background static between cuts) but these are unique segments that I've not
seen elsewhere.  Worth $14.95, IMO.  There are 18 N&W tracks and 5 Virginia
Blue Ridge which are from a 3rd LP.  Printed sheets accompanying CD has a
lot of background info for each track . more than likely on original LPs.


Jim King

 <http://www.smokymountainmodelworks.com/> www.smokymountainmodelworks.com


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