Lofton, Vesuvius, or ?

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> Please see the attached photo of N&W 414 which appears to be on a wye.  A Shenandoah Division employee timetable indicates there were wyes at Lofton or Vesuvius.  Can anyone determine the location based upon the building partially in view and the general topography?

     After going back and reading what you wrote again, meaning that I 
am guessing that it wasn't specifically stated that this photo was taken 
on a "wye", I think that it is actually taken behind the station at 
Glasgow. The track bearing off to the left goes down to the C&O at 
Balcony Fall, the track that the engine is on goes back to the small 
yard, tracks 1 & 2, used for transfer between the C&O and the N&W, among 
other things.
You can see cars in the background, and that tree visible behind the 
fence was right there when I was working. The terrain as it falls off in 
the lower left matches up as well.

Jimmy Lisle

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