boiler explosions and the like.

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After some searching I found the article in the April 1995 Trains magazine,
page 66.

- Roger Link

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> If anyone is interested, the name of the story in TRAINS was "Big Bang No
> Theory".  I don't recall the issue.  The story was reprinted in the
> magazine
> of the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.
> The instantaneous release of pressure and the cnange of the superheated
> water into steam usually provided sufficient force to break the boiler
> from
> its attachments to the locomotive frame and propel it into the air.  The
> only exception that comes to mind was the explosion of Y-6 2153 at
> Wytheville in 1955.  The fact that the engine only had 130 pounds of steam
> and the water level was so low meant that the boiler didn't leave the
> frame
> but it did break the high-pressure frame casting behind the cylinders.
> All
> the rest - the 2114 at Eastwood, the 1204 at Nolan, Clinchfield 740 south
> of
> Erwin, the NYC Hudson along the Mohawk at speed - most all of their
> boilers
> went airborne.
> - Ed King
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