boiler explosions and the like.

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.  The only exception that comes to mind was the explosion of Y-6 2153 atWytheville in 1955.  The fact that the engine only had 130 pounds of steam
and the water level was so low meant that the boiler didn't leave the frame
but it did break the high-pressure frame casting behind the cylinders. ==========================================================
The Roanoke Times reported that occupants of a nearby residence (est.500 ft. away from the explosion) never woke up.  I don't have ICC's AccidentInvestigation at hand, but an article in The Arrow indicated  that there were3 deaths and 1 injury.  R. R. McDaniel,  an ex-Virginian ME and later head ofNS's MP-Locomotives, was the son of an N&W signal maintainer assignedto Wytheville.  Following 2153's "blow down", the Traffic Control system wentout.  The dispatcher at Roanoke concerned about a meet with No. 17 phonedMcDaniel and directed him to inspect the signal line.  McDaniel put his motorcar on track and with flashlight in hand, motored toward Rural Retreat lookingfor parted wires.  He failed to note the disruption to the main line just east ofthe Reed Creek trestle, so motor car and McDaniel went in the hole createdby the explosion.           Harry Bundy              
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