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Regarding the Green Goat Restaurant, I grew up on Winona Ave. in Wasena. Has
there been any movement forward on the Beltline? Also there is a Picture
somewhere maybe a postcard of the equipment of the Museum being moved on the
Beltline to its new home? Did I see that or am I dreaming? Thanks, Ken
Tanner Former Roanoke 

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>>     On Monday, April 1, 2019, 7:12:15 PM EDT, NW Mailing List
> I'm looking for some Roanoke area history.
> There is a restaurant in the old Wasena Park area of Roanoke called the
> Green Goat. It sits near the intersection of Winona Avenue, Wiley Drive,
> and 8th Street ... just off what I assume is the Roanoke Belt Line.
> In a Google Maps view the architecture looks strikingly railroad station
> like.
> I see (through several Google search results), it is referred to as the
> Wasena Station and formerly housed the Va Museum of Transportation. I
> couldn't find much else.
> Does anyone know if this was either a N&W or VGN station. Was it always
> located there? Any history (pre VMT), one could provided, would be
> appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Kevin Byrd
> Chesterfield, VA
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