22A derailment

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Thanks for the pictures.

This reminds me to ask a question. I have seen, from time to time, several westbound stack trains through Christiansburg containing a number of empty well cars..... perhaps fifty or more at a time. I don’t understand why empty cars are being moved. I do understand that there are more empty westbound cars with containers that are empty because of export/import imbalance.  But why empty well cars?

Thanks for any insight.

   Ray Smoot

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> Sunday morning finds a small army of men, SUVs, trucks and heavy equipment working to clean up the half mile of empty well cars involved in the Saturday afternoon derailment of a portion of
> [cid:169f9059e8580076851]
> [cid:169f905cfe353922bcf2]
> 22A at Rural Retreat. Location was just east of the Depot.
> Mike Pierry, Jr.
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