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I’m having the same problem, though seems to happen more often with the modeling list then it does with the mailing list. I’m on Comcast, so it’s not just a gmail problem.


Don Trettel



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This question is out of the norm for these groups but I will ask anyway.


 I have been dealing with an aggravation for a couple of months. Most nearly all incoming mail from either the nw-mailing list or nw-modeling list gets sent to my gmail spam folder. I didn`t notice it right away. I have been a member of both groups for several years and until recently all was fine. I have no idea why things changed. 


I'll try to not get into any details but I have tried all the suggested fixes ... make ssure incoming addresses of wanted mail is in contacts and created filters so that wanted mail is directed to not go to spam. No help from either. Why the specific filters do not work just adds to the mystery. 


I can even move mail from span to inbox and it will later float back to spam. 


I do not have this problem with any other emails. 


Anyone else have this problem? Any other fixes to suggest? If you have any suggestions you may contact me off list at kbyrd100 at gmail.com <mailto:kbyrd100 at gmail.com> . 


Thank you


Kevin Byrd

Chesterfield, Va

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