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Wed May 15 16:07:38 EDT 2019

The NWHS "NW-Sell-List" is ready for operation. This list is for the buying
and selling of N&W and Virginian related items.

To subscribe visit http://five.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/nw-sell-list

For more info on the NW-Sell-List and other NWHS mailing lists see:

The startup rules for the list (as given by NWHS board of directors) are:

   - No commercial or vendor sales permitted. Personal collection items
   only may be listed for sale.
   - Items must be related to the N&W and it's predecessors.  Post 1982
   (NS) is not permitted.
   - The N&WHS will in no form be responsible for transactions (failed and
   successful) and will not take any action to settle any disputes. All
   transactions shall be based on the honor system.
   - The moderators of this list will set additional rules and they shall
   - This list is not archived (there is no easy way to see previous
   - Posting to the list will include the posters email address for easy
   - Typically you do not want to do a "reply-all". There is no need to
   reply to list for questions, etc. for a sales item.

This list of rules is of course subject to change.
*This list is "brand new" and there may be some growing pains as we adjust
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