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I'm sure you'll get detailed answers, but let me get the ball rolling.
First, set the date of October, 1964 firmly in your mind.  That's when N&W
merged/leased/whatever the Wabash, Nickle Plate, and some miscellaneous
RRs.  Before that, it's simple.  Freight diesels were black and the 500
series passenger GP-9s (only!) were red/maroon/pick a name.

After the merger, Wabash influence caused a change in which their blue was
slapped to everything.  After a while this aberration was
ended by enlightened management and N&W >>> NS went to all black (with a
very few exceptions like a small number of maroon SD-40s and U-30Cs) with
varying styles of white striping.

That's a "Readers' Digest summary".  I'll leave it to the bona fide experts
to fill in the details.


Dave Phelps

P.S. - Apologies, I guess, for my obvious biases with regard to colors.
"To each his/her own."

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> Could someone help me get the colors (Diesels) matched up to time
> periods?  I know GP-9's were delivered in Red.  What other engines were
> delivered Red?  When did they begin taking delivery new engines in Blue?
> When did they start painting Red engines Blue?   Then there's Black.  When
> did that all begin?
> Many thanks in advance,
> Walter Davis, modeling N&W in Youngsville, NC
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