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A couple of years back, when we moved into our new house I reached out to the society with a similar question. I had looked in the N&W Std. Drawings book as I was working on finishing a portion of the basement to match the interior of a depot.

Joe Shaw was able to get me the two attached images. One is the actual paint samples from the archives, and the other is the paint codes from Home Depot. Joe was kind enough to carry the paint samples to HD and have them scanned for exact paint matches. I bought latex paint in gallon cans, not spray cans.

While I haven't finished the depot area yet, I still have to hang a CPL, I am pleased with how the colors turned out. I will take some pix on Sunday and post them, when I return home.

Hope this helps.

Russ Goodwin
Oakwood, GA

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I am writing to ask the color experts the following question

Which are reasonable color matches for typical N&W structures for the mid 50's?

I should add that I prefer ready mixed and ready to use "rattle can" paints.

Please advise


Paul Brindza
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